Fundraising Resources

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of animals in our community! By fundraising for the 2017 Tails on the Trails Family Pet Walk, you’re helping give animals in need the food, shelter, medical treatment, and most importantly, the love and care they deserve. Every dollar you raise goes directly toward creating happier, healthier lives for animals in our shelter.

Fundraising comes easily when you do it from the heart. Be creative and make it personal. And remember, you’re working hard for a wonderful cause – to help animals that can’t help themselves.

Check out the fundraising tips below and get started today!

Coins for Critters

Coins For Critters is a new fundraising idea to help individuals and teams raise money for our shelter animals.

It's an easy way to collect $100.00 by simply filling an empty and dried out 20 oz. water bottle with dimes.

When you have filled your bottle with dimes bring it to the Tails on the Trails Family Pet Walk on Sunday, September 24, 2017 and receive a 2017 Pet Walk T-Shirt. Making a Difference has never been easier. 

Start collecting your dimes today.

If you don't have an empty 20 oz. water bottle contact Mike at and arrange to pick one up at the shelter.

Fundraising Ideas for Everyone

Start early

The sooner you start asking for donations, the more time you'll have to grow our fundraising efforts.

Set your Fundraising Goal

Give yourself something to aim for.  Many people who do this raise more than they thought they would!

Make a Personal Donation

Be the first to show your commitment to animals in need.

Update your Personal Fundraising Page

Share your love for animals by telling your story and uploading a picture of you and the animals in your life. 

Send Emails

Sending emails to your friends, family, and coworkers is a great way to get your message out.  Share your story and include the link to your personal fundraising page if you're fundraising online.  Don't be afraid to follow up if people don't respond!

Reach Out on Social Media

Send messages and share your fundraising progress on social media.  Also consider downloading and using this banner to advertise the event.  And don't forget to thank donors on social media!

Ask About Employer Matching Gifts

Many companies match their employees' donations.  Ask your donors if their company will match their gift.


Ideas for Family and Friend Teams

Movie Night

Host a movie night at your home, a local hall, or park for your friends and family.  Make some popcorn and ask them to support animals in need. 

Party with a purpose

Invite all of your friends (and their friends) over for a party and carge a few dollars for a good cause!

Spare Change Jar

Ask family, friends, and your place of employment to place a change jar for people to drop their spare change in as they pass by.  Leave the jar out all the time or just during the Pet Walk season. 

Game Night

Invite your friends out for a night of games, donations, and prizes

Charity Night

Host a charity night at a local restaurant or coffee shop. 

Letter Writing

A personal letter always goes a long way; share your message about why you are walking!


Ideas for Corporate Teams

Get Organized

Organize a get together with your team! A coffee break, dinner, or happy hour is a great way to discuss a variety of creative ideas to collectively reach your team goal.  

Jeans/Casual Day

For a donation, employees can dress casually on a designated day

Collect "Extra Change"

Collect change near the register in the cafeteria, lunch room, or conference room

Prize Drawing

For a $10 donation, coworkers are entered into a drawing for a gift certificate, prime parking spaces, or tickets. 

Used DVD/CD/Book Sale

Collect old DVDs, CDs, and books to sell for a good cause. 

Food/Beverage Sale

People love a bake sale! Cookies, donuts, popcorn, muffins, pizza, ice cream, and smoothies always go over well.  Sell homemade dog treats for all the four legged friends!

Break a Balloon Contest

Buy a dart for $1-$5 and throw it at a wall of balloons to collect the prize inside.  Prizes can include casual days, prime parking spots, free lunch, and gift certificates. 

Lunch In

Encourage employees to bring lunch for a week (or see if your company will supply) and donate the savings. 

Candy Grams

Sell candy grams to coworkers who want to show someone how appreciated they are. 

Jail a Manager

Place a management employee "under arrest," charging $1-$5 a minute to keep them in jail

Executive Dunk Tank or Pie Throwing Event

One toss for each donation made to support animals!


Procure or donate items for a live, silent, or online auctions.

Staff Cook Out

For a $10 donation, coworkers dine on food prepared by the team.


Take the 10 Days 10 Ways Challenge

Day 1

Show your commitment! Start by making your own donation of $25, $50, or more.  Set up your personal fundraising page and unlock fundraising tools that will help you get the word out.

Day 2

Ask two family members for $25 each.

Day 3

Ask a business you frequent to donate $25.

Day 4

Ask five coworkers to sponsor you for $20 each.

Day 5

Ask your boss for a company contribution of $100.

Day 6

Ask five people you know from your extracurricular activities, such as sports, book club, or your child’s activities, to donate $10 each.

Day 7

Ask give friends to donate $20 each.

Day 8

Turn it around! Ask someone who has asked you to support their cause to support you with $25.

Day 9

Ask your company if they offer matching gifts.

Day 10

Activate your social media networks! Once you get the word out, you’ll be surprised at the individuals who will support you – a high school friend, a college roommate, a former coworker.  People want to support you – they just need to be asked!



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